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Last Updated Feb 15, 2010 5:54 PM EST


Seth Patton

Seth Patton

(Episode 433; 13 minutes 55) Microsoft Project has 40 percent of the market for project and portfolio management market. On today's BTalk I get Seth Patton, Microsoft's Director for Project, to define the market for the software and to explain his latest release, Project 2010, due for release later this year.

In my mind two of the biggest problems of project management software has been the quality of information used for decision making and the way in which project participants collaborate and update the status of their involvement. Project is also not an easiest tool to use if you are not a full on project manager. So is Microsoft doing anything to tackle these issues?

The ability to collaborate would improve if Project was available in the cloud through a web interface. Microsoft is committed to moving applications online, so I ask Seth when will we see an on-demand version of Project?

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