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"Men in Black 3" preview offers glimpse into film's time-travel plot

"Men in Black 3" Sony Pictures

(CBS/AP) Will Smith jumps off the Chrysler Building and lands in 1969 to save the world from an alien invasion in the upcoming "Men in Black 3," previewed Wednesday in Las Vegas.

The action comedy franchise that saw Smith and Tommy Lee Jones first team up in 1997 returns to movie theaters next month.

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Footage from the time-travel bromance was shared Wednesday night with theater owners at the CinemaCon conference in Las Vegas.

In the preview, Smith and Jones survive a fight with an oversized fish at a Chinatown restaurant ripe with alien patrons, only for Jones' character Agent K to suddenly disappear.

"You look like you come from the planet Damn," Smith's Agent J tells the fish before attacking it with mustard-filled squirt bottles. They end up trading blows on a street as confused Chinatown residents look on. This is what happens when you flush fish down the toilet, Smith warns them.

"I am getting too old for this," Smith tells Jones at one point. "I can't even imagine how you feel."

In the latest installment, Smith has 24 hours to go back in time and save his partner and the world. Multiple spaceships hover menacingly in the sky

In 1969, Josh Brolin portrays the younger Agent K. His co-workers include artist Andy Warhol, who tracks down aliens when he isn't hosting glamorous parties with hippies and models.

Smith continues his snappy lines, warning Warhol that he isn't above "pimp slapping" him.

Smith's journey through time also has him fending off a Tyrannosaurus rex.

According to, Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber make brief appearances in the film. The movie also stars Emma Thompson, Nicole Scherzinger and Bill Hader.

"Men in Black 3" hits the big screen on May 25.

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