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Mary Tyler Moore: "Love Is All Around"

Mary Tyler Moore turned the world on with her smile … and the world turned their televisions on to watch.

She was the girl next door we invited her into our homes; she welcomed us into hers. From the Petrie home on Bonnie Meadow Lane in New Rochelle, and later, to the apartment on North Wetherlie, in Minneapolis, where Mary came into her own as “Mary Richards” -- the aspiring journalist who inspired a generation of young women.

She may not have cracked the glass ceiling, but she opened the door -- and millions followed her in.

CBS News celebrates the extraordinary star and the enduring characters she brought to life -- and became part of our lives.

How “The Dick Van Dyke Show” broke new ground

Mary Tyler Moore, Dick Van Dyke and Larry Mathews are seen here in this 1962 shot from “The Dick Van Dyke Show.” CBS

With its upbeat theme and fresh-faced stars, “The Dick Van Dyke Show” might have looked at first like any other early 1960s sitcom. But Mary Tyler Moore’s Laura Petrie, a housewife married to Dick Van Dyke’s comedy writer Rob, were actually staking out new turf, as Jim Axelrod reports. |  Read story

How “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” got its theme song

Sonny Curtis wrote and performed “Love Is All Around” CBS News

“Who can turn the world on with her smile?” Millions of TV viewers were asked that question each week when they heard “Love Is All Around,” the theme song of  “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” Meet Sonny Curtis -- the man behind iconic TV tune. | Read story

Critic: Moore’s career after TV a “cautionary tale”

Mary Tyler Moore, with Timothy Hutton, in the Oscar-winning drama, “Ordinary People,”  about the strained relations of a family devastated by the tragic death of a son.  Paramount Pictures

She’s best remembered for her iconic TV roles, but Moore also found success -- and some setbacks -- on Broadway and in the movies. Peter Van Sant has more. | Read story

Mary Tyler Moore: In her own words

Mary Tyler Moore on "Charlie Rose"
Mary Tyler Moore during an interview with Charlie Rose

The TV icon sat down with Charlie Rose for a series of very personal conversations on his PBS program in the early 1990s, revealing her authentic self.  | Read story

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