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Mark Sanford Reunites with Argentine Mistress Maria Belen Chapur in Florida

Mark Sanford

After becoming embroiled in scandal last year as a result of his affair with an Argentinean woman, South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford acknowledged today that he reunited with her this past weekend.

Sanford told reporters that he met with Maria Belen Chapur in Florida to see if they could restart their relationship, the Associated Press reports. The Republican governor would not reportedly say whether this was the first time he had seen Chapur since publicly admitting to the relationship.

The governor was compelled last summer to reveal the relationship after he mysteriously disappeared for five days. His office initially said he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, but he was, in fact, visiting his mistress in Argentina.

The revelation prompted calls for Sanford's resignation and led to investigations into Sanford's behavior. His wife Jenny Sanford divorced him.

Sanford, who has reached his term limit, will leave office in January.

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