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Where Is South Carolina's Governor?

(AP Photo/Mary Ann Chastain)
South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford left his mansion in a black sports utility vehicle on Thursday and hasn't been heard from since, according to reports.

The governor's wife told the Associated Press Monday that she does not know where the governor went. Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer also said he does not know where Sanford is -- but that he has not been put in charge in the governor's absence.

Neither the governor's office nor the State Law Enforcement Division is able to reach Sanford, according to The State newspaper in Columbia, S.C.. A mobile telephone tower picked up a signal from Sanford's phone near Atlanta, making that his last known whereabouts, the newspaper reported. The governor's phones, however, have been turned off, and he is not responding to phone calls or text messages.

The governor's wife, Jenny Sanford, said she is not concerned about her husband's absence. She said, the AP reported, he needed time apart from his children to write something.

The governor's office reportedly will not discuss the specifics of Sanford's travel or security arrangements but issued statement saying, "Gov. Sanford is taking some time away from the office this week to recharge after the stimulus battle and the legislative session, and to work on a couple of projects that have fallen by the wayside."

Sanford recently lost a court battle to refuse federal stimulus funds that were specifically dedicated to educational purposes.

There is no indication of foul play, the State newspaper reported.

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