Manhattan shown magic through the lens of creativity

(CBS News) I commented recently on the magic that sometimes comes with living in New York City (based on an impromptu performance by Michael Bublé). And where I was referencing a concept based more in the real, this creative piece above provides a much more literal interpretation of the idea. So go ahead and click play to let it work something of a spell over you.

Seriously, is that not just simply breath-taking? The very visual work is entitled "Lost in Manhattan" and was posted by Vimeo user Gunther Gheeraert. With a mixture of wonder and mystery, and background of truly beautiful classical violin playing (performed by Max Richter), I can't quite put into words (but will try), how it personally makes me remember why I first came to this metropolis and reinvigorates my curiosity about it all over again. (Or something like that.) Either way, to check out more amazing work from Gunther Gheeraert, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.