Michael Bublé gives impromptu NYC subway performance

(CBS News) If there's one thing I absolutely love about NYC, it's that almost anything can happen. (Having a chance encounter and conversation with Meryl Streep was one of my personal highlights.) Sadly, I didn't get to experience this particular moment above, but we can all enjoy it together vicariously now: watch singer Michael Bublé give an impromptu subway performance.

What kills me is that I actually work very close to that particular stop... I can't believe I missed it! (Though do miss the train all the time, too...) The magical moment was posted on Bublé's YouTube page with the following description behind the performance:

Michael Bublé took to the NYC Subway stop at W. 67th Street today for an impromptu acapella performance of "Who's Lovin' You" -off his new album "To Be Loved" - with the group Naturally 7!
A big triple-rainbow salute of being a truly awesome celebrity goes out to Michael Bublé (with additional salute of best backup to Naturally 7) from us here at The Feed for providing such a sweet "concert" to those there and all of us afterwards! And to check out more music and upcoming events with Michael Bublé, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.