Politcal drama "Madam Secretary" avoiding polarization

CBS' political drama "Madam Secretary" stars Téa Leoni who plays a former CIA analyst appointed secretary of state. It's Sunday's most-watched series on TV, but Leoni said its average 14 million viewers won't hear two words often spoke in political discourse.

"We set out in the beginning -- I think it was sort of a kicky idea: 'Let's see how long we can go without ever using the word 'Democrat' or 'Republican,'" she said. "It's become something more interesting than that now, to me, because I think on the Hill there's such polarization. ... We're getting away with it quite well."

They're 21 episodes in and have thus far avoided the terms. The show has even caught the attention of some real-life political players, not shy to share their opinion.

"We get feedback. We get everything from 'Oh my God, I can't believe it; you guys nailed that,' to 'The flag is in the wrong place in the office,'" Leoni said.

Despite her work on the show and an extensive resume of television and film work, Leoni said she still get's nervous -- but all for good measure.

"My grandmother was an actress and she said the day that you don't have butterflies is the day you turn in your worst performance and I do think that's true, but it's less raw, gut fear and now it's more excitement," Leoni said.

At 49 years old and just having celebrated her birthday Wednesday, Leoni said she's "really loving" getting older.

"The older you get, the more powerful you get," she said. "It's so ironic because I thought I was so powerful when I was 7 years old."

To hear about Leoni's first role as a "wise man" watch the full interview in the player above.