London soldier slaying: New video of police shooting, and of suspects at rallies with radical London cleric

This story contains video that some viewers may find graphic.

(CBS News) LONDON -- Detectives in London were to question two people arrested over the murder of British Army Drummer Lee Rigby, described Thursday by family and friends as a loving family man who always wanted to serve.

Both of the primary suspects were recovering from gunshot wounds received in a confrontation with police, and their conditions were not thought to be life threatening.

Drummer Lee Rigby
Drummer Lee Rigby

A man and a woman, both 29, were also arrested Thursday on suspicion of conspiracy to murder during the investigation into the slaying of 25-year-old Rigby, who was hacked to death in broad daylight in Woolwich, southeast London, on Wednesday afternoon.

New video emerged Friday, meanwhile, of the murder suspects' dramatic confrontation with police. Shots and screams can be heard as the two men charged toward a police car of armed officers. Police opened fire and the first suspect falls to the ground. The other man apparently raises a handgun. More shots are fired and he drops to the ground too.

The suspects have been identified as 28 year old Michael Adebolajo, and 22 year old Michael Adebowale. Both men were known to British intelligence services, but not considered a high risk, reports CBS News correspondent Charlie D'Agata.

The older man had converted to Islam in the early 2000s. Video has surfaced showing him with radical Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary, who fell short of condemning the killing.

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"I think, you know, there are so many people being slaughtered, killed by drones, being tortured," he told CBS News. "If we are going to talk about the reaction then surely the first thing we should be condemning is the British and American foreign policy in Muslim countries."

CBS News has found more video online, showing the younger man attending a Muslim extremist rally outside the U.S. Embassy in London last year. Choudary was also at that rally.

People have flocked in the hundreds to lay flowers along the railings of the army barracks in southeast London's Woolwhich neighborhood, where Drummer Rigby lived, and near where he died, as Londoners try to come to terms with the savage attack on their streets.

The capital's mayor, Boris Johnson, said the murder wouldn't alter day-to-day life in the British capital.

"We won't change the way we police London. We won't change the way we go about our lives," said Johnson, "because the fundamental thing I take out of this is the way Londoners have responded. They have united, they won't be divided, and they won't be terrified."