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Lin-Manuel Miranda has shingles, regrets joke about blurred vision

What you should know about shingles virus

Lin-Manuel Miranda made a joke about his health after a shingles diagnosis, and now he regrets it. The "Hamilton" star and creator wrote on Twitter that his vision was blurred and that he was wearing a "Phantom of the Opera" mask, and after The Associated Press took Miranda's comments seriously, he responded, "I can't post jokes anywhere NEAR my health status, cuz they'll be printed as fact. Sorry. I'm fine. Not wearing a mask. My eyes are fine, they were just dilated for the checkup, which is routine."

The Broadway star initially thought he had "the worst migraine of his life," saying that his forehead felt hot, but then learned he had singles. He tweeted on Thursday that he caught it early. He is quarantined from his 8-week-old son, Francisco, to protect the child from risk of infection. He wrote that he is staying at his family's house nearby. 

Miranda initially tweeted that he was "in a Phantom mask til further notice," but later, he pointed out that the "Phantom of the Opera" mask he owns fits the wrong side of his face, anyway. 

Miranda also has an older son, Sebastian, who is 3. 

The star of the upcoming "Mary Poppins Returns" wrote the book, music and lyrics for "Hamilton" and also starred in its original Broadway run.  

Shingles is a virus that causes a painful rash. It typically lasts for days or weeks.