Lawmakers debate what to do about Syria

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said on "Face the Nation" there was a "growing consensus" among lawmakers in the Senate that the U.S. needs to act on the Syrian situation, but Foreign Policy Magazine headlined a story Monday morning, "Key lawmakers divided over Syria Response." After news broke last week that the administration believes Bashar al Assad's government has used chemical weapons in its war against rebels in Syria, some lawmakers, including Graham, came out strongly in favor of U.S. intervention. Read Reuters for more.

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Should U.S. intervention include troops on the ground? Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., wouldn't rule out that possibility. She "refused" to rule that out, wrote the Huffington Post. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga., disagreed. He appeared with McCaskill and said clearly, "We don't need to put boots on the ground but we need to enable their neighbors to bring some sort of peaceful resolution to this. Read Salon for more on their back-and-forth over troops, or Washington Post, Talking Points Memo and The Hill for a round-up of what lawmakers said Sunday and throughout the past week about the issue.

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Chambliss doesn't think troops are necessary in Syria, but he insisted the U.S. should take action because the world is watching. ReadPolitico to learn more about why that's important.

Graham urged action because he's afraid the region will "fall into chaos" if there isn't a resolution soon. Talking Points Memo and Greenville Online covered that in their stories.

Sunday's guests on "Face the Nation" didn't just look at issues abroad. They also talked about the latest from the investigations into the Boston Marathon bombings. Graham criticzed the FBI and other agencies for failing to communicate information to one another. Business Insider explains what Graham meant by saying agencies like the FBI, CIA and Department of Homeland Security need to "up our game." Politico and New York Daily News look at his criticism, too.

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