Lady Gaga: Behind the "60 Minutes" interview

Hear veteran producer John Hamlin's stories from the road as he follows Lady Gaga and Anderson Cooper around the world

How seriously did Lady Gaga take her 12 and a half minute profile in the "60 Minutes" broadcast? Despite the bejeweled saw she brought with her to an interview, we would argue she took it very seriously. "Once she was in," says producer John Hamlin, "she was all in."

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Hamlin, who has profiled dozens of music legends in his 18 years at the broadcast, says Gaga was willing to participate in anything the producers asked of her, giving it her all at every turn (a rare response among the world's biggest stars). At one point during the three-month shoot, Hamlin asked Gaga for five minutes on the Lower East Side in front of the building where she lived before she was famous. Gaga showed up in hotpants and spent an hour on camera, touring the neighborhood, pointing out her old haunts, and even snuck her way into the apartment building where she once lived as a struggling singer-songwriter.

Once inside, as you'll see in this video, Gaga gave the "60 Minutes" cameras an emotional moment that's hard to look away from.