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Kristen Bell on playing a "weirdo" princess in Disney's "Frozen"

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Kristen Bell grew up adoring Disney movies, never imagining that one day she'd be playing a princess herself in one of the studio's animated releases.

The "Veronica Mars" star voices the lead role of Anna in the new 3D holiday musical "Frozen," about a pair of royal sisters who have a very icy relationship, to say the least. When a chilling curse threatens to destroy their kingdom, Anna teams up with a talking snowman named Olaf, voiced by Josh Gad, known for his roles in "Jobs" and Broadway's "The Book of Mormon."

Unlike traditional fairy tales, Anna isn't your classic damsel in distress, instead fending for herself and saving the day -- when she's not putting her foot in her mouth. Bell actually had a hand in developing her character just as the animators got to work bringing the princess to life.

"She was written much more kind of typically serving the story," the 33-year-old actress told

"With the movies I grew up with, the girl was always waiting for Prince Charming. And that's far from where this movie is. I think it's much more of a departure from the traditional Disney movies."

She said she's especially proud of the way her quirky princess turned out in the finished product.

"She's a weirdo," Bell said, "But a great weirdo."

We also asked "Frozen" co-director Jennifer Lee if she thinks voice actors will be totally replaced one day by computers. Watch the video above to hear her response and to see our interviews with Bell, Gad and their co-star Idina Menzel.

"Frozen" opens in theaters on Nov. 27.
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