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Kim Kardashian West hits back at Drake over Kanye West feud

Kim Kardashian West is getting in the middle of the feud between her husband, Kanye West, and Drake. Kardashian West tweeted at Drake: "Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake." 

On Thursday, Kanye West started a string of dozens of tweets slamming Drake on Twitter, calling him a bully. West demanded an apology from Drake for rapping, "I told her don't wear no 350's 'round me," referring to West's Yeezy Boost sneakers. He also reiterated that he was not the one who told Pusha T about Drake's son (Pusha T released a diss track about Drake's son in May, eventually prompting Drake to confirm that he did have a son). 

Later, he said he and Drake had a phone conversation during which Drake threatened him.  

West also accused Drake of picking on people with mental health issues. 

Kardashian West jumped in as well, warning Drake not to threaten their family. Then she praised her husband.  

This is not the first time West has spoken out against Drake. After Drake released the song "In My Feelings," during which he raps, "Kiki, do you love me?" West slammed Drake, as "Kiki" is Kardashian West's nickname. 

West said, "The fact that it's people making rumors or thinking that you f***ed my wife and you not saying nothing and you carrying it like that. That don't sit well with my spirit. You know if I had a girlfriend from Chicago, her name was Ranita, and then you was married to Rihanna. I wouldn't make no song called named 'RiRi.'"

Recently, Jay-Z responded to buzz that he was dissing West in his verse on Meek Mill's "What's Free," saying the line meant that he did not want people to pit him against West. 

"The line clearly meant don't pit me against my brothers no matter what our differences are (red hat) now go pick up Meek album . Drake and Meek on there together," he wrote.

Social media users speculated about Jay-Z's line: "No red hat, don't Michael and Prince me and Ye. They separate you when you got Michael and Prince's DNA. I ain't one of these house n***as you bought." Fans wondered if Jay-Z was slamming Kanye West and calling him a "house n***a."

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