Kasich on allowing ex-felons the right to vote

WASHINGTON (CBS News) - Following the news that Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe issued an executive order allowing over 200,000 ex-felons to vote in this year's election, Face the Nation host, John Dickerson asked the only remaining governor in this year's race, Gov. John Kasich, if he would consider the same in Ohio.

"I have not really considered this issue. I'd have to look at the pros and cons," Kasich responded, but added, "Whenever people want to turn their lives around, I'm one that believes in it."

Extended interview: John Kasich, April 24

The Ohio governor stated that he believes in second chances saying, "Michael Vick says you only have one chance to make a good second impression. I've always liked that." However Kasich would not give a definitive answer and said that it would require "a lot more thinking" beforehand.