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John Boccieri to Switch Health Care Vote to "Yes"

John Boccieri

Democratic Rep. John Boccieri of Ohio announced today he will vote for the Democratic health care bill, in spite of any political risk.

His decision helps ease the pressure on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders who are searching for enough Democratic support to get the 216 votes needed to pass the bill.

CBS News Capitol Hill Producer Jill Jackson noted in her comprehensive list of votes to watch that the first-term Boccieri was under intense pressure in his relatively conservative district to vote against the bill. Opponents of the bill flew a plane over Canton, Ohio with a banner that read "Tell Rep. Boccieri no abortion funding." The legislator even declined an invitation to join President Obama for his recent health care rally in Ohio.

However, Boccieri also faced pressure from groups in favor of the bill, such as labor unions that ran ads in his district.

"I'm not worried about the election," Boccieri said at a press conference today. "I'm worried about doing what's right."

Boccieri is one of four Democrats to recently switch from no to yes. House Democrats need to secure support by the bill by Sunday, when it will be put up for a vote.

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