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Jill on Money: Investing, BP & MCD, Retirement


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Paul from North Hollywood, CA (KFWB Talk Radio 980), called us back after appearing on last week's show -- our first repeat caller! Last week, I helped him with pension elections and this week, we discussed whether an annuity purchase with 401 (k) funds makes sense.

Randy needed a strategy to help him put money back into the market--a great opportunity to talk about dollar cost averaging, as well as the amount of cash that retirees should have in cash.

Speaking of cash, Chris in NYC (as well as DP and Jerry) bemoaned the paltry interest rates on savings accounts-I offered a few alternatives.

I touched on company news--McDonald's made headlines with a one-day national hiring event. Was it a PR event? Yes. Did it also present a real opportunity? Yes. I also discussed results of The Consumerist's "The Worst Company in America"...almost exactly a year after the Gulf oil spill, BP edged out the competition.

Jennifer from NYC asked whether it makes sense to borrow money from a 401 (k) to pay for home renovations and Charles from Fresno, CA wanted to help his girlfriend kick-start her retirement savings.

Here are web sites and resources mentioned in this week's show:

Check out this quick video for a primer on how much to pay a financial advisor}

Thanks to everyone who participated and to my producer Mark T. ("Mr. 18 percent"), who placated me by adding the Grateful Dead and Steely Dan to our musical mix. If you have a financial question, there are lots of ways to contact the show:

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