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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt try to out-insult each other

Thanks to the continued antics of co-stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, the press tour for their upcoming film, “Passengers,” is threatening to become more entertaining than the movie itself.

The duo’s latest trick was sitting down for a round of “Playground Insults,” a game devised by BBC Radio 1 that pits celebrities against each other to see who can crack the other one up with personal slights first -- and Lawrence and Pratt were not afraid to get incredibly personal.

Pratt almost breaks Lawrence early with his first volley: “Why did they call it ‘Joy’?” He also offered, “It’s such a shame to meet somebody you thought you’d like.” 

But Lawrence had some good ammunition as well: “You are so dumb that your 3-year-old son probably taught you everything you know,” she offered, following up with, “Where do you keep your Oscar?”

But for one to triumph over the other, one of them had to go below the belt. Here’s the entire game -- during which Pratt slips in some slightly NSFW language:

Jennifer Lawrence & Chris Pratt Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE! by BBC Radio 1 on YouTube
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