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Jeb Bush talks about his family, Hillary Clinton

CONCORD, New Hampshire -- Likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush took took questions for nearly an hour from voters gathered at the Concord Snowshoe Club on topics ranging from the dominance of his family in presidential politics to Loretta Lynch's confirmation at attorney general.

His family's political prominence was a topic of conversation. Bush told the audience, "Everybody knows me as Barbara's boy or George's boy, for which I am really proud, and W's brother. And I love my brother, if anybody's got a problem with him maybe we go outside and settle it. I love him a lot. But I know if I'm going to go beyond the consideration of running for president, I have to show my heart, I have to show who I am."

His family came up again when someone asked what he thought of the clash of the two families Bush and Clinton - in this race."Well first of all I have enough self-awareness to know that's an oddity," he answered. "Secondly, I have to prove that I'm not running for president, if I go beyond the consideration of this to being an active candidate, to try and break the tie between the Addams family and the Bush family."

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He also weighed in on Loretta Lynch's long wait for confirmation to replace Attorney General Eric Holder. She was nominated in November, but Republicans in the Senate have blocked her confirmation. Bush said, "I think presidents have the right to pick their team in general...there should be some deference to the executive, this should not always be partisan."

Potential opponent Hillary Clinton's trip to Iowa this week was also a topic of conversation - one person from the audience asked what he thought of her trip to Chipotle, responding "I actually cook it at home. I don't need go to Chipotle. Do I go there? Yeah I go there. Drive my own car. Park my own car. Get out of my own car. Buy Chipotle, take it home."

The food at the Politics and Pie event proved to be the real challenge for Bush, who appeared to be relaxed and enjoying the event. He strayed from his Paleo diet to dig into a slice of blueberry pie.

CBS News' Anam Siddiq contributed to this report.

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