Jacob Tucker dunk video: Short guard can soar

Jacob Tucker Dunk Video

Who says white men can't jump?

Don't tell that to Jacob Tucker, a 5'11" guard at Illinois College (a Division III program), who is making an impressive case to compete in this year's NCAA dunking contest. Last week, he posted an eye-popping highlight reel of his dunks to YouTube as evidence that he should be picked to participate in the annual contest.

He even has a Facebook page dedicated to the cause, where Tucker declares: "Small schools can produce big talent too."

Apparently small guys can produce big ups as well: Tucker claims he has a 50-inch vertical leap.

Since uploading the video on March 4, the highlight reel has gone viral and has been shown on ESPN numerous times.

"It's been kind of surreal," Tucker told ESPN on Tuesday. "It happened really fast. I haven't had much of a part of it. Everyone has been pushing it. It's been neat to see that."

"We have been in contact with the company who puts together the contest some," he added. "They said they likely won't know for sure for another week when they see who is going to be in it. It's difficult to put someone else other than a Division I player in the contest because of publicity reasons. It's hard to put someone they don't know. For the publicity reasons, all this stuff has helped me a lot."

All his "stuff," indeed.

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