Ex-NBA star Marques Johnson, 55, dunks over car (sort of)

Former 5-time NBA All-Star and Clipper great Marques Johnson recently celebrated his 55th birthday with his annual birthday dunk attempt.

Last month during the All-Star Game weekend, with a gospel choir at midcourt singing "I Believe I Can Fly," Blake Griffin soared over a 2011 Kia Optima and threw down a two-handed dunk. Not surprisingly, the high-flying L.A. Clipper won the NBA dunk contest.

Now another Clipper (well former Clipper) has pulled the same stunt. Just after his 55th birthday, Marques Johnson shows he can still throw down. He even does it over a (decidedly smaller) car.

It's an annual birthday tradition for Johnson, who tells Jersey Chaser he first dunked in 1970 as a 6'1" 14-year-old. Forty-one years later, Johnson proudly declares: "I believe I can fly."

  • Stephen Smith

    Stephen Smith is a senior editor for CBSNews.com