ISIS wields a particular brand of cruelty toward women

ISTANBUL - We're getting a new sense of the brutality of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), particularly how it treats women.

In a video, a young Syrian woman pleads for forgiveness.

She's accused of adultery . And this ISIS internet video appears to show the moments before she's stoned to death. Her father refuses to forgive her as the woman is tied up and led away.

In this still from a video released by ISIS, a Syrian woman begs for forgiveness before she is stoned to death. CBS News

The video shows the stones battering the young woman, but not the moment of her death.

In its reign of fear, ISIS has imposed a harsh interpretation of Islamic law. Women must cover themselves, even their faces and some - who are not Muslims - can be raped with impunity.

A group of women told us they were abducted by ISIS fighters.

They're Yazidis - an Iraqi religious minority who have been hounded from their homes - and massacred.

Nada told us that when ISIS captured their village the men were taken away and shot - and the women were transported to Tal Afar, a city controlled by ISIS.

They separated the young, single women from those who had children, she said. And then they took the young women away. Some of them were only 11 or 12 years old.

Two of Nada's sisters, and three of her cousins are still missing. She told us she survived by pretending her cousin's son was her own.

Zakia told us she tried to save her 11-year-old cousin.

"I begged them," she said. "I tried to hold on to her, but they beat me, and took her away."

The women we spoke with said they simply don't know what happened to those young girls - but the United Nations has reported in detail on how Yazidi women have been raped and sold as sex slaves.

A magazine published by ISIS even claimed recently that enslaving infidel women is justified by Islamic law - though that's rejected by the vast majority of Muslims.