Iran news agency covers up Michelle Obama at the Oscars

The Iranian government had lots to say about last night's best picture winner at the Oscar's, "Argo."

They dismissed Ben Affleck's film about the 1979 Iran hostage crisis as an "advertisement for the CIA," claimed it had an unflattering portrayal of the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic Revolution, and said the win was endorsed by the U.S. government because it was introduced by First Lady Michelle Obama.

They also had some opinions on what the first lady was wearing.

Anyone who watched the Oscars saw that Obama wore a sparkling silver gown, showing off her trademark bare arms. The image shown by Iranian state news agency Fars showed Obama wearing a similar dress, but with covered arms -- clearly photoshopped.

This isn't the first time images produced by Western companies have been photoshopped to comply with the conservative culture of Muslim governments. Last October, Ikea apologized for removing pictures of women in its furniture catalog distributed in Saudi Arabia.