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iPhone calendar gets you to meetings on time

(MoneyWatch) There's no shortage of calendaring apps for the iPhone; I experiment with so many, in fact, that I have an entire folder dedicated to them. Increasingly, calendars are trying to be more predictive and more context-aware, doing more than just showing you when your next meeting is. And that's where Mynd comes in.

Mynd (pronounced "mind") organizes its display in tile format, not entirely unlike Windows 8/Windows Phone. The surprisingly refreshing display shows you a bunch of information at a glance, including when your first meeting of the day is, weather, travel info, contact info for scheduled meetings, and how many total events you have planned. Tapping any of these drills into richer information.

Where Mynd specializes is in its integration of your scheduled meetings and travel information. It shows you where each of your meetings are on a map, for starters. (In a nice touch, you can specify whether the app leans on Apple or Google maps.) Mynd lets you know the travel time between locations using current traffic data, and if you're running late you can notify meeting attendees with a couple of taps. The locations and travel integration is quite good.

Mynd even learns where common meetings are and can automatically add the location based on keywords. Time to go? Mynd can launch your favorite app -- Apple or Google Maps -- with the route preprogrammed. If your meeting is virtual, Mynd has you covered on that front as well. It understands conference call instructions in meeting details, and makes it easy to dial in from your mobile phone.

I also like the way Mynd integrates with LinkedIn and pulls up information on contacts you're meeting with. This is exactly the kind of thing I'd love to see incorporated into Google Glass, for example.

Though Mynd automatically reads your calendar data, you can add and modify meetings from within the app as well. In addition to the clever tile screen that collects information about your upcoming meetings, you can view events in more traditional day and list formats.

Mynd is free, which makes it a steal -- it's so good that I'd consider paying a few dollars for it. If your day is spent running from one meeting to another, you should definitely give this calendar replacement a try.

Photo courtesy of Mynd