Combine meetings and reminders on your iPhone

(MoneyWatch) If you're an iPhone owner, you are probably well aware that the default Calendar app doesn't display both meetings and reminders. Indeed, you might not bother with reminders at all, since they're not especially convenient to view and manage.

Not anymore: Ding breathes new life into your to-dos and reminders, since you can see them at the same time as your upcoming meetings.

First things first: Ding is a $2 app for the iPhone and is in need of some optimization, since it's noticeably sluggish -- tap an option, and the delay can sometimes be long enough that you suspect the app has frozen. But if you can overlook that, Ding has a lot to offer.

The app is beautifully designed. Attractive to look at and smartly laid out, Ding displays "anytime" reminders at the top, followed by comingled meetings and reminders, arranged by day. You don't get just the next few days or the rest of the week; it's an endlessly scrolling list of upcoming events and to-dos.

You can add meetings or reminders from Ding easily -- give it a name and tap the checkmark to create a an "anytime" to-do, or you can swipe to specify a time, day and priority. You can even color-code your activities and reminders if you like.

And there's no configuration necessary. Ding simply takes its cues from the iPhone's calendar and reminders, so there's no need for separate events or syncing. Ding is a great time manager that -- especially if the performance issue gets resolved -- could become a home-screen favorite to reference and add to throughout the day.