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iPhone 7 rumors: What features to expect in new phone

Iphone 7 leaks
Is this the new iPhone 7? 04:33

Devoted Apple watchers will have heard that the iPhone 7 is right around the corner -- allegedly being unveiled at a Sept. 7 Apple event. Leaked images of the new phone that have made their way online have generated excitement -- and some criticism -- ahead of the smartphone’s official release. 

CNET Editor Brian Tong gave CBS News a roundup of some of the rumors of what to expect from the iPhone 7 when it likely debuts next month.

A familiar look

One thing that won’t really change is the phone’s look. Just by looking at many of the leaked images that have hit the Web, Apple​ watchers have noticed that not a lot will visually change with latest phone. 

The phone is said to come in a “space black color” and will have a new home button, among other little tweaks. For those constantly on their apps, the phone will reportedly possess much better battery life than its predecessors.

The iPhone 7 will pretty much look “almost identical to the current iPhone 6s,” Tong said.

Headphones controversy

While iPhone​ users can always expect tweaks in the design of the iPhone with each update, one rumored change has been causing quite an uproar. Apparently, the new phone will not include a headphone jack, which will force music-loving users to either use wireless bluetooth headphones or buy a separate adapter. 

Users who have invested in high-end headphones​ to better listen to music or podcasts might not be happy. 

“People that ... want to hear a fuller sound are paying at least $150 or $300 for headphones that will now require an adapter,” Tong added. “And let’s be honest, a lot of us are going to lose that little mini adapter, that’s just the way it is.”

A better camera

While music enthusiasts might be bummed out by the reports of the latest iPhone design​, those who like to post their photos to Instagram are in luck. The latest phone is said to boast a pretty impressive camera. 

The phone will reportedly have an “improved, dual lense camera,” Tong said.

The camera will have better color image quality, will possess a better zoom function to make photos even clearer, and will have the ability to take better low-light images. The downside? The new camera will only be available on the larger, deluxe version of the iPhone 7.

Is it worth it?

It’s the question that always comes up when a new phone is released -- is it worth the upgrade? Tong suggested that the safest bet might be to just hold on to their old iPhone 6s and 6s Plus phones until the company’s next big reveal. 

“Everyone is really looking forward to the 2017 iPhone -- this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Apple​ is expected to do a lot with the design,” he said. 

That being said, if you enjoy buying the latest gadgets and for the photographer who wants to take those extra-special pics, it might be worth making this 2016 upgrade. 

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