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Apple Maps in iOS 10 watches every move you make

Those testing out the pre-release beta version of Apple's iOS 10 might notice that Apple Maps is always watching. That does sound a little ominous, but what it means is that Apple's mobile map widget will know when you copy and paste an address, for instance, and will offer directions for how to get there. This will happen even if you are using the competing Google Maps, CNET reports.

Users will get a notification from Apple Maps noting that the address was "Recently viewed in Safari" or whatever site or app was being used, so it will be clear when Apple is pulling information from another app to offer travel directions.

Apple Maps is being opened up to third-party developers so you could potentially order up an Uber ride straight through the maps app.

In way, the decision to open up Maps is consistent with efforts to make virtual assistant Siri ubiquitous through iOS 10. In the beta version of the operating system, the voice-activated assistant can be used through non-Apple apps like WhatsApp.

All of the features highlighted in the new operating system were unveiled at Monday's keynote event at Apple 2016 Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco. Right now, iOS 10 features are available only through a developers' preview. The actual software will make its official debut to consumers this fall.

It's important to note that some of the features being highlighted now could very likely change by then.

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