Social media shares sights and sounds of Hurricane Matthew hitting Florida

As Hurricane Matthew slammed into Florida’s east coast Friday, downing trees and wiping out power after taking a deadly toll in the Caribbean, local residents were quick to share their experiences in the hurricane’s path on social media.

Video from Daytona Beach shows a palm tree nearly flattened to the ground by strong winds:

Matthew..... #hurricanematthew #hurricane #florida #daytonabeach #daytonabeachshores

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In Orlando, a backyard tree split right down the middle:

Water levels rose dangerously at Daytona Beach:

Significant storm surge now occurring. #hurricanematthew #ormondbeach #florida #stormsurge

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Heavy winds rocked Miami:

In Merritt Island, dramatic video shows power lines blowing up like fireworks:

In Cape Canaveral, the hurricane ripped roofs straight off houses:

Hundreds of miles of coastline in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are still under threat as the storm inches north. Matthew is the most powerful hurricane to hit the Atlantic Seaboard in over a decade.