Hotsheet Live: What will matter in November?

(CBS News) CBS News political director John Dickerson was joined on 'Hotsheet Live" on Friday by USA Today's Susan Page, The New York Times' Jeff Zeleny and Scott Conroy of CBS News and Real Clear Politics to break down recent CBS News/New York Times poll that shows the race is a dead heat between President Obama and Mitt Romney.

"This [election] is about the economy," Zeleny said. "We get wrapped up in issues of contraception - this election is not about that, it's not about that."

Page said that the idea of Republicans being a divided party is a non-story.

"[The polls] show nine out of ten Republicans supporting Mitt Romney," Page said. "Whatever they think of Mitt Romney, they know what they think of Barack Obama, that is a huge uniting force for the Republicans."

Conroy reiterated that the election will come down to the economy. "It's important to just keep your eye on the big picture," he said.

Check out Dickerson and the Reporters Roundtable's "endorsements" in the video to the left.

Each panelist concluded with an endorsement about something they have seen or read, including Page's endorsement of the Washington Nationals' 10-4 start.

NYT Jeff Zeleny: The Times' Willie Neuman's coverage of the U.S. Secret Service prostitution scandal

Real Clear Politics' Scott Conroy: RCP's Washington Editor Carl Cannon's Morning Note

And John's own pick: National Journal's Muncie, Ind. feature titled In Nothing We Trust

Watch the entire discussion, including the panel's predictions for Romney's vice presidential pick, in the video above.