Hillary Clinton sets a date for her first big 2016 campaign rally

Hillary Clinton will formally kick off her 2016 presidential campaign with a speech on June 13, her Twitter account announced Thursday:

It's not yet clear where the event, which will be the first big rally of Clinton's 2016 campaign, will be held. To date, Clinton has focused on smaller, more intimate gatherings in early voting states.

Clinton made her candidacy official with an announcement video last month, declaring she wants to be the "champion" of working Americans. As she's traveled to roundtables and discussions in Iowa and New Hampshire, she's engaged in something of a listening tour.

Hillary Clinton addresses media for the first time in nearly a month

She hasn't taken many questions from the press - until this week, she had gone almost a month without answering a question from a journalist - but at a stop in Iowa on Tuesday, she fielded a few queries from the army of reporters following her.

The decision to initially send Clinton only to smaller gatherings was a strategic one - mindful of the candidate's celebrity, her campaign made a conscious decision to "go small" by eschewing big, splashy rallies in favor of quieter, more humble events that would enable her to interact in a more personal way with voters and supporters.

Clinton has so far drawn only one declared primary challenger - Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders - and several others are waiting in the wings. Polls continue to show her dominating the primary field, and the most recent CBS News poll found that 85 percent of Democratic voters would consider supporting her.