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Hillary Clinton launches official campaign podcast called "With Her"

Hillary Clinton's campaign podcast has officially hit iTunes.

The Democratic nominee announced the launch of "With Her," a podcast co-hosted by Max Linsky, that will run through the end of the election.

For some background information on Linsky, he says it best:

"Full disclosure, I'm not a journalist and I'm not impartial. I'm a small business owner and a huge supporter of Secretary Clinton's. And I'm thrilled that her campaign is having me do this," Linsky disclosed.

Linsky is the co-founder of, which recommends new and classic nonfiction from around the web, and the acting co-host of the "Longform Podcast." He is also a proprietor of Pineapple Street Media, the company that produces podcasts for The New York Times and Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter.

The first episode was published on Friday, and the Clinton campaign seems to be using this unique platform to showcase a softer side of the nominee.

"Before we get started I have a question for you... what should I call you?" Linsky asked.

"Call me whatever you want to call me. You can call me 'Hillary,' you can call me 'Madam Secretary,' you can call me 'Hey You...,'" Clinton joked.

From here Linksy dives in by asking Clinton basic questions: how she felt about specific events at the RNC, what her average day consists of and whether or not she uses an alarm clock. (She does.)

While listeners may not discover anything breaking through the podcast, they may find themselves picturing Clinton as more than just a career politician.

What's to be expected in the following episodes? Linsky says he'll be talking to different people from the campaign trail.

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