"Harlem Shake" gets another spin to liven up your President's Day

(CBS News) Today is President's Day, a holiday marked on George Washington's birthday to honor and remember our past presidents. Which has absolutely nothing to do with the "Harlem Shake", but the online phenomenon is just way too much fun to pass up. So watch the trend go aquatic (but not in an underwater way like one of our previous posts) in the fun video above.

The wet and wild, animal antics version of the "Harlem Shake" was posted and performed  by SeaWorld San Antonio who write about their unique take of the trend:

So, this is what REALLY happens between shows at SeaWorld! Video features California sea lions, a Pacific walrus, and a handful of hilarious animal trainers.
Can you say adorable overload? Good, I'm glad to hear it. What? I just wanted to make sure you could pronounce the phrase. And next up in our trip down "Harlem Shake" lane, we have the Kansas University men's basketball team perform a slam dunk, Jayhawks-style rendition of their own below. Hope you all enjoy, and to see our previous posts of the "Harlem Shake", make sure to click here.