"The Harlem Shake" continues to blow us all away (with Matt and Kim and more)

(CBS News) The problem with coming off of being sick after the weekend is that you end up playing catch up on a lot of amazing material, both old-ish and new. Did I just put out a post involving the cultural phenomenon that is "The Harlem Shake"? Yes. Yes, I did. Do I need to immediately put out even more epic material I've come across? Without a doubt! To kick things off, watch one of my favorite bands, Matt and Kim, absolutely kill it with this new video above.

While you can totally see what's coming, it doesn't change how awesome the "turn" is when it happens, and just one more reason why I continue to be such a huge fan of Matt and Kim

And while it may be cold outside across most of the country (including here in New York City, which is just coming off of a blizzard), Spring is around the corner, and with it weather perfect for the pool. So think about the warmer climates to come as you check out The University of Georgia (UGA) Men's Swim and Dive team give "The Harlem Shake" an awesome underwater edition below. 

And as an added treat, I've included a special bonus from a friend of The Feed further down.

BONUS: Our friends over at Vimeo have created their own rendition of the now-legendary (in my mind, at least) phenomenon that we've included for your continued enjoyment. So... enjoy!