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Halfway through the year, halfway to success?

(MoneyWatch) Christmas seems is a time from now, but the end of June brings us halfway through the year. It's a good time to take stock of where you stand on your annual goals -- those things you'd like to say in a year-end performance review you'd give yourself. Are you on track?

Reviewing my own list, I find I'm doing well on some things. I finished a draft of a novel. I'd wanted to complete that by the end of the year, and while the manuscript can definitely be improved, at least a full-length, coherent manuscript exists. But I have a ways to go on some other goals. I want to come up with a nonfiction book project to immerse myself in for the next year. Yet as of late June, I haven't finished a proposal.

The good thing about checking in on progress made at this point, though, is that we've still got six months to go. That's enough time for me to buckle down on coming up with a book idea. If you've set a goal to run your first 10K, six months is plenty of time to work out a running routine. It's enough time to plan the vacation you told yourself you'd take or reacquaint yourself with a hobby you let slip. It's enough time to tackle many big work projects, from building up a portfolio to taking a class.

Six months is also enough time to change course if necessary -- or to change goals completely, if life calls for that. You may want to set different goals for the year, and six months still gives you time to hit them. That gives the year a sense of forward motion, and making progress is a big part of happiness.

How are you doing on your goals for 2013?

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