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Make this the best summer ever

(MoneyWatch) You may have wonderful vacations planned. But even if you're taking a few weeks off, summer stretches from June to September. What makes the season amazing is when you can upgrade your daily rituals to add more summer joy to your life. Some ideas:

1. Have a better breakfast. Eat fresh summer fruit as part of your first meal. Better yet, eat whatever you're having outside.

2. Hit the trails. If you normally go to the gym before work, find a park where you can walk, bike, or run during the early morning hours, and start your day amazed at the light slanting through the trees.

3. Take the beach reading on your commute. Check out audio books from your library (or buy them), or read that blockbuster -- rather than the paper -- if you're taking public transit.

4. Make lunch a mini-vacation. Try new cuisines, and invite new lunch companions. Or hit a museum or eclectic store for a jolt of novelty during your break.

5. Create family adventures. Long summer evenings are perfect for a family bike ride, a trip to the ice cream parlor, going to a community pool with late hours, or catching fireflies. TV can wait until winter.

6. Bring work outside. If you have a tendency to finish up work after your kids go to bed, sitting with your laptop out on the porch, watching the sunset or the stars, beats staring at the walls.

How will you make this your best summer ever?

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