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Tensions rise in Haiti as aid struggles to reach the most vulnerable: "We feel left behind"

Crews race to distribute aid after Haiti earthquake
Crews race to distribute aid after Haiti eart... 02:09

As Haiti continues to reel from the 7.2 magnitude earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people, the biggest challenge is getting food and medical care to survivors — but residents say it's not happening fast enough. 

Since Sunday, the U.S. Coast Guard has medevaced over 200 people — in the remote village of Annette, they transported 20 critically injured people to the capital, Port-au-Prince.  

One woman who is located outside of Les Cayes, which is very close to the epicenter of the earthquake, says there's much more work to be done. 

"People are sleeping in the streets," she said. "We feel left behind." 

The need is immense. Some are waiting outside airports for helicopters to arrive with food supplies. In Port-au-Prince, hospitals are at capacity — and doctors are struggling to treat the more than 12,000 people with injuries. 

Humanitarian Aid Arrives In Haiti After 7.2 Quake And Tropical Storm
People load humanitarian aid on United Nations helicopter for it to be flown where access by land isn't possible at Antoine Simon airport after a 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on August 19, 2021, in Les Cayes, Haiti.  Richard Pierrin / Getty Images

In a blow to relief efforts, a major hospital in Port-au-Prince closed as part of a two-day shutdown to protest the kidnapping of two Haitian doctors. A mother and her child died waiting for one of the doctors who was seized. 

Some earthquake victims are being transported by aircraft to a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders, where they are stabilized and sent to local hospitals for major surgery. 

Arima Olienne, 25, was buried alive for six hours while her sister lay dead next to her. Her aunt told CBS News that three children who were pulled from the rubble yesterday died in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. 

Reginald Derali, 30, who barely survived the 2010 earthquake, jumped off the balcony of his building on Saturday and fractured his back and arm. Once he's discharged from the hospital, he said he wants to continue to help build a better Haiti. 

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