Genene Jones Update: Texas DA meets with moms fighting to keep the "killer nurse" behind bars

Former nurse Genene Jones was convicted of murdering an infant in Texas in 1982 CBS

(CBS) - On Tuesday, Bexar County District Attorney, Susan Reed, met with a mother who believes her son was killed by Texas' so-called "killer nurse," Genene Jones.

WATCH: "Killer nurse" could be released from prison

Marina Rodriguez believes her five-month-old son, Feliciano, was murdered by Jones back in 1981 when Jones was working as a pediatric nurse in Bexar County. Baby Feliciano died soon after Jones gave him an injection.

Just a few years later, in 1985, Jones was convicted of murdering 15-month-old Chelsea McClellan by intentionally injecting her with a paralytic drug during a routine doctor's visit. Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison.

But due to an old Texas law meant to relieve overcrowding in prisons, Jones - who is suspected of killing as many as 47 other infants in a similar manner - may be released after serving less than one-third of her sentence.

The only way to keep Jones behind bars is to find a new victim and get a new conviction.

On Tuesday, Rodriguez met with DA Reed and her staff for three hours and then gave a statement to investigators for another ninety minutes detailing how she believes Jones murdered her son.

"It was a really good meeting and I have a good feeling that they are going to put something together and keep this woman in jail," Rodriguez told CBS News.

Chelsea McClellan's mother, Petti McClellan-Wiese, also attended Tuesday's meeting along with victim advocate Andy Kahan.

"It is just a matter of right and wrong. You do not release a serial-killer, you just don't," said McClellan-Wiese.

McClellan-Wiese has been working to keep Jones behind bars for 25 years, starting with the former nurse's first parole hearing shortly after she was convicted for Chelsea's murder.

After speaking with DA Reed, McClellan-Weise said, "For the first time I felt like for the first time it wasn't just me and Andy doing this by ourselves."

In August, Rodriguez told CBS News that she is willing to have her son's body exhumed and tested to prove he was one of Jones' victims, and she reiterated that willingness to the DA Reed this week.

"Hopefully now the science that is available now, if we were able to exhume the body, we could probably find some of the medication she injected my child with," said Rodriguez.

District Attorney Reed declined to comment on the case and Rodriguez says she respects that decision.

"She made no promises," Rodriguez told CBS News. "But now she knows my story now and we are moving forward with it. [Reed] said 'Over my dead body will this woman come out of jail in Texas.'"

Rodriguez is hopeful that her son's case might keep Jones in jail.

"I have a really good feeling - they have found a bunch of the files, they have gone through them and going to nail this woman to the wall."