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Genene Jones, nurse suspected of murdering dozens of infants, could be released from prison


(CBS) - Twenty-eight years ago, Genene Jones, a pediatric nurse, was convicted of murdering a 15-month-old baby by intentionally injecting her with a paralytic drug during a routine doctor's visit. She was sentenced to 99 years in prison. 

But due to an old Texas law meant to relieve overcrowding in prisons, Jones - who is suspected of killing as many as 47 other infants in a similar manner - may be released after serving less than one-third of her sentence.

"Genene Jones will be the first serial-killer to be legally released, not just in the state of Texas, but across the country," says victims' advocate Andy Kahan, who is working on the case. "This will be unprecedented."


Those who worked with her are certain that she "will kill another baby" if she goes free, and investigators are working to see if they can build another case against Jones.

Marina Rodriguez might be the key. Rodriguez's son, Feliciano, died after being treated by Jones and she told CBS News that she is willing to have his body exhumed and tested in an effort to make sure the woman she believes killed her child never gets out of prison.

CBS News' Paula Reid investigates in this two-part video series.

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