Gamespeak: NBA '08

NBA '08 box art image
With the NBA season set to start Oct. 30, Sony gave me the chance to chat with Amare Stoudemire, center for the Phoenix Suns, during his MoCap (motion capture) session in San Diego. Let's just hope I can at least get some points on the board.

Gamecore: So, Amare, how does it feel to be on the cover of "NBA '08"?

Amare Stoudemire: It feels fantastic. I think it is such an honor to be chosen for the cover in a league of such amazing talent.

GC: Congratulations on the cover. I'm sure it is an honor to grace any type of cover, but this is a special honor because the sports gamers will now have you in their game library . So is this your first time being in a MoCap studio?

AS: No, this is my second time, but it is always a fun experience.

GC: So it is safe to say you are a pro in basketball and in the MoCap studio. Now, Amare, what do you think of the whole process?

AS: Motion capture is fascinating. It accurately tracks a variety of your physical characteristics and movements right down to the specifics of your facial structure.

GC: I know. MoCap is fascinating. I wish I would be asked by Sony to be part of the MoCap experience, but I think you would do a better job than I could. So have you been able to play the game, and what do you think about it?

AS: I have gotten a chance to play the game, and I love it. It is my favorite game. The game seems to improve so much every year.

GC: I must agree, the game has come a long way, and thanks to the power of the PS3, there will be more enhancements to come. Can you tell us what do you think about last year's game?

AS: I liked the '07 game, but I feel like "NBA '08" is much better. This year you can create a customized character and play them online. Also NBA Replay mode lets you play real game time moments. Every year the game outdoes itself by being even better than the last.

GC: This is so true. The game does out do itself every year. When you think they can't do anything else interesting -- SWISH! -- Sony adds a great new feature (or two!). So I'm guessing you see the differences from last year's game to this year's game?

AS: Yes, because "NBA '08" is once again in HD but this year the game's graphics are even much more clear and defined. It makes the experience of playing much closer to the real thing.

GC: Yes, HD is a wonderful thing. You can see all the detail that the Sony team put in, which makes one part of the great game. OK Amare, you play as a part of a team and you guys run plays over and over. Does the game show a true representation of how those plays are actually ran in the NBA?

AS: Yes, the game does feature plays that are similar to what we run. Sometimes after a long day of training, I can brush up on my skills by playing the game.

GC: Wow, that is interesting. You can brush up on your skills by playing the game. That is outrageous! Now if the plays are similar, does the game accurately show how the athletes play in the league?

AS: Yes. When playing the game I noticed that some of the players act in a very similar way to how they are in reality. I think the HD plays a big part in showing that detail but it also comes down to the guys making the game...from animations to MoCap!

GC: So every little bit helps to bring a game to life. All right, what are you playing these days, Amare, and what was your first game system?

AS: Since I got "NBA '06" I've been mostly playing that game and " '07." I can't wait to be able to play "NBA '08"! I love those games! Nintendo was my first system, and my first game was Mario Brothers.

GC: Ah, good old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and Mario Brothers. Boy some good gaming there. Now what was the game that kept you up at night till you finished it?

AS: Mario Brothers. It was addicting.

GC: I won't disagree on that. You know I had to save the princess a whole bunch of times. Finally, what would you like to see added to the game in the future?

AS: Amare Stoudemire Rated 100 :o)

GC: Well, Amare, I don't have any pull on that, but I can say this was a slam dunk of an interview. Thanks for taking the time out of your MoCap session to sit and chat with us.

Look out for the review, which will be coming soon!