Sony's NBA '08

NBA '08 screenshot
The Fall season always brings many new sporting sequels to the video gaming arena - football, hockey, and basketball to name a few. So with the fall season in full swing, Sony has released its sequel to last years PS3 launch title NBA '07. The sequel, called "NBA '08" gives a face lift to the series with some new functionality.

To start you off NBA '08 has a mix of different game modes such as exhibition, season, playoffs, mini-games, online, and NBA Replay mode making its return from the last game. Basically, for those not familiar with Replay mode from the last title, here you can re-enact great performances from the 2006-2007 season.

2Gamers can also download five scenarios each week involving real NBA games from the upcoming '07 -'08 season. This mode is perhaps one of the most enjoyable, and challenging in this title. Mini-games include "Own The Court", 3-point Shootout, and the Playstation Skills Challenge.

For controls, Sony has brought back most all of the same SIXAXIS-based controls to execute both offensive and defensive moves. Essentially, you can have your player do crossovers, juke moves or a number of other special moves just by doing special motions on your PS3 controller. On defense, you can keep your hands high or low and wide by tilting the SIXAXIS either up or down.

Initially, it seems very unnatural doing these moves with the SIXAXIS controls, so you'll probably end up using the traditional controls. "NBA '08" does include an online component. Gamers can participate in a social network of sorts by displaying there custom created players. You can also share game data, and view streaming NBA video.

Graphically, "NBA '08" scores extremely high marks, the arenas and ball courts are very detailed. To basketball fans virtually every player on the court is recognizable. New skin textures to provide a higher, more detailed level of realism. At 1080p, "NBA '08" delivers one of the sharpest and most realistic basketball experiences available. Calling the games from the booth this year are Kevin Calabro and Mark Jackson.

3For the upcoming basketball season, basketball fans have a wide selection on the PS3. But, Sony delivers a fully integrated online experience just in time for the new season. Much of the game remains unchanged compared to last year's release. The exclusion of a franchise mode decreases the replay value a bit. Those seeking an updated Playstation 3 basketball game should give "NBA '08" a try.

"NBA '08" is rated "E" for Everyone (content suitable for ages 6 or older) and is available exclusively on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PSP game consoles.