Full transcript: Bush's Super Bowl interview in 2004

President Bush's Super Bowl interview in 2004

For almost two decades, presidents have often sat for interviews airing the Sunday of the Super Bowl. The semi-regular tradition began with CBS sportscaster Jim Nantz, who spoke with then-President George W. Bush before the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, 2004. 

CBS News also interviewed President Obama before the Super Bowl in 2010, 2013, and 2016.

This year, "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan will sit down with President Donald Trump for his first network television interview  since the end of the partial government shutdown.

JIM NANTZ: We are back live on the Super Bowl today and 41st president of the United States, former President Bush, on the field here taking in all the activities. He's been very busy this week chairing a couple of functions like the Houston salute and really being a great ambassador here to the NFL. He's there with Commissioner Tagliabue.

It is a great honor and privilege to introduce President George W. Bush who joins us from the White House Rose Garden. Mr. President welcome. You know as a proud Houstonian you spent a lot of your younger years in this great city. This is a wonderful day for all of us who-- who claim Houston as a part of our home.

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: It-- it is a fabulous day for Houston and Houston is a fabulous host for the Super Bowl.

I've got a lot of great sports memories of Houston, Phi Slama Jama, Luv Ya Blue, Nolan Ryan. Gosh, I'm still agonizing over the Astros losing to the Phillies in 1980. I also remember going to the Super Bowl in Rice Stadium and-- in Minnesota and-- Miami. So it's-- I know Houston is a great, great town for sports.

JIM NANTZ: Well you are right. That's the last time we had a Super Bowl here was 1974. And you were saying you were there.

This is really, this event this Super Bowl is such an American sports spectacle. But don't you feel in many ways it's almost turned into a national holiday now?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well it seems like it.

The camera guy sitting right here said, "hurry up and finish so I can get home and watch the game."

The-- the Super Bowl is pervasive. People-- people kind of plan their day around it. And I've got my brother Marvin coming over, who you know well. And Secretary of Commerce Evans with whom I've seen a lot of Super Bowls in the past, bringing their families over and we're going to sit around and watch a good game.

JIM NANTZ: Hey listen, I know this is a tough one for you to answer. But you had Tom Brady there as your guest at the State of the Union. Does that mean, people want to know, does that mean you're pulling for the Patriots today?

PRESIDENT BUSH: You know unless it's a Texas team I'm not pulling for anybody. I'm pulling for a good game. I'm sorry the Texans aren't in the Super Bowl. I'm sorry the Cowboys aren't in the Super Bowl. I'm just hoping we got a good game today. And I think it will be.

JIM NANTZ: You know at your State of the Union address you brought up steroids in sport and you voiced your concerns about the steroid use perhaps running rampant.

I know the NFL reacted and said, "wait a minute now, we've taken measures, we've taken steps to clean up our sport." What has been the feedback you've gotten about that? About those words that you voiced?

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well I-- I've gotten some feedback from people saying, "thank you Mr. President for saying it." Obviously there are some who have kind of soft pedaled the call.

I believe there ought to be zero tolerance for steroids in professional sports. I think these sports teams and leagues must get very tough on players who use steroids because it sends such an awful signal to kids, younger kids, moms and dads are getting-- trying to fight off this scourge of drugs and they're getting mixed signals from some of these star athletes and it's just not right. And I hope the leagues take me seriously.

JIM NANTZ: And I commend you for raising the awareness of that, Mr. President and I know you on this one year anniversary of the shuttle disaster have very much the NASA family in your thoughts today.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well there's a couple of things on my mind. First our love and prayers go out to the NASA family, in particular those families who are from the Columbia shuttle who are still in mourning. I met a lot of them, they're great, great Americans.

Our thoughts also of course go out to our troops who are watching this game today. And I just want them to know the country supports them and we stand with them.

JIM NANTZ: Well Mr. President, a final thought here about this big game is the energy. It's just picking up by the minute here in Houston.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Well I'm looking forward to it. It's-- it's going to be a-- I think it's going to be-- I think it's going to be a very close contest. But you know, what the heck do I know? I'm just the president.

JIM NANTZ: I agree with you by the way. We're going to talk about that here and we're going to make our picks here in a minute. You won't make yours, but we do really appreciate you coming on with us today, live. I want you to give the first lady our best, as well as big Marv.

Thank you so much, Mr. President. Great to visit with you.

PRESIDENT BUSH: Thanks Jim, great talking to you.

JIM NANTZ: Thank you so much.