First trailer for Matthew McConaughey's "Dallas Buyers Club" debuts

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Matthew McConaugheyhas a prescription for success in "Dallas Buyers Club."

The first trailer for the upcoming biopic was released on iTunes Tuesday. The clip shows McConaughey looking gaunt in several scenes, as he plays an AIDS patient.

"Dallas Buyers Club" tells the real-life story of Ron Woodroof -- an outwardly homophobic, drug-addicted Texas cowboy who gets diagnosed with AIDS in 1986. Doctors tell Woodroof he has just 30 days left to live, but he won't go quietly without a fight.

Determined to fight the prognosis, Woodroof discovers that it's possible to obtain non-FDA approved AIDS medications by crossing the border into Mexico. Soon, Woodroof is smuggling the AIDS drugs into the U.S. and selling them to other patients. His sales are booming, and Woodroof eventually attracts the unwanted attentions of the DEA.

Thirty Seconds to Mars frontman and actorJared Letoalso stars as Rayon, a transgender woman who develops a friendship with McConaughey's character, and Golden Globe-winner Jennifer Garnerplays a sympathetic doctor.

Even thought the film hasn't even been released yet, both Leto and McConaughey have already started to attract awards buzz for their performances. The actors each lost a considerable amount of weight for their roles.

In December, Leto posted a photo on Instagram while in character, dressed in drag and looking very thin:

"Dallas Buyers Club" will make its premiere at this year's Toronto Film Festival in September.

Originally scheduled for a Dec. 6 opening, distributor Focus Features has moved the film's theatrical release up to Nov. 1.

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