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Fathers Day 2014: Techie gifts for Dad

The tech sector has a wide variety of options for that special Father's Day gift. From cufflinks that double as a Wi-Fi hotspot to a lawn-mowing robot, there's something for everybody. CNET's Sumi Das reports
The tech sector has a wide variety of options... 01:29

Before choosing to give another watch or tie for Fathers Day this year, check out these high-tech gifts for dear old Dad.

For the more fashionable fathers, try a pair of Ravi Ratan cufflinks that double as a WiFi hotspot and a two-gigabyte flash drive. Priced at $250, all he has to do is download the software and plug the hotspot into his laptop via the USB port.

If Dad hates mowing the lawn, give him a break from yard duty with Kyodo America's LawnBott. The grass-cutting bot can handle lawns up to 24,000 square feet and should last three hours on a single charge. At $2,800, it might be a splurge, but Dad's back will thank you.

If sports are more his thing, get him a wearable gadget to help with that golf swing. With the Garmin Approach S4, he can have access to stats on 33,000 international golf courses. The $300 watch can also display text messages and emails from your smartphone. Zepp also offers a $150 sensor that attaches to his glove to capture and analyze his swing, while comparing it to the pros.

And if golf isn't his game, Zepp also makes tennis and baseball versions.

For any father who loves the great outdoors -- but doesn't want to leave his phone behind -- a BioLite Bundle could make a great gift for $225. The CampStove, also available separately, will not only cook up meals, but generate electricity at the same time, so he can charge that phone. Use the KettlePot to brew some coffee or warm up dinner -- and when he's on the go, the KettlePot makes a handy carrying case for the stove.

Happy Fathers Day!

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