"Face the Nation" transcript May 13: Same-sex marriage, bomb plot leak, Mother's Day panel

JON STEWART: Jason, you're at the fund-raiser at George Clooney's house. What's been the Hollywood community's reaction to the President's big announcement? Has it been positive?

JASON JONES: Has that-- has it been positive? Has it been positive? President Obama is at a giant Hollywood party the night after he came out for gay marriage. This is like going to Israel after you kill Hitler.

CRAIG FERGUSON: Mitt Romney is the-- well, as it turns out he bullied a classmate back in high school apparently he pinned the guy down and cut his hair. I'm like oh, come on, it's just a harmless prank. What's the big deal? Do we have a picture of the haircut that Mitt gave him? Oh, that is quite bad.

JIMMY FALLON: It's getting a lot of attention, TIME Magazine for its new cover which shows a woman breast-feeding her three-year-old son. The issue is expected to make millions of dollars, and that's-- that's just for the kid's therapist. It's-- maybe just to cover that.

JIMMY KIMMEL: As you might imagine, many people were shocked by the fact that that was the cover of a magazine. If you were shocked by that, by the way, you do not want to see what they have planned for Father's Day. It's--


BOB SCHIEFFER: Finally on this Mother's Day, in 1956, there was another president running for reelection, Dwight Eisenhower was being challenged by Democrat Adlai Stevenson, and it was also a big year for this broadcast which was celebrating its second anniversary and welcoming the first of many women to appear here. That's our FACE THE NATION Flashback.


ANNA ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: I personally feel--

BOB SCHIEFFER: Eleanor Roosevelt, FDR's widow, squared off against Maine's Republican Senator, Margaret Chase Smith, over the Middle East, and it was quite a set-to.

MAN: Mrs. Roosevelt.

ANNA ELEANOR ROOSEVELT: Well, I don't see how anyone can have confidence in either President Eisenhower or Secretary de Lassus's policy. Now as a man and as a general, I respect him. He did a fine work. But the policies that have brought us into a position where we are, as far as the Near East goes, standing together with the dictator of Egypt, and the communist Soviet, it's an odd situation to find the United States in.