"Face the Nation" by the numbers: A look back at 65 years on the air

"Face the Nation" marks 65 years on air

On the inaugural episode of "Face the Nation", 65 years ago, the first guest to join the round table was then-Wisconsin Senator Joseph McCarthy, who was embroiled in his own national controversy -- facing censure by the U.S. Senate for his controversial behavior in leading the charge in exposing alleged Communist sympathizers and espionage among the highest ranks of Washington leadership. 

Ted Koop, Washington news director for CBS, was the program's first host of the program that broadcast. 

Well over 3,000 "Face the Nation" broadcasts have followed since that monumental show, featuring more than 8,000 guests and counting

Here's a closer look at the historic show by the numbers:

10: Moderators

Margaret Brennan on Face the Nation in 2012
  • Number of moderators that have served in the host's chair: Bill Shadel, Stuart Novins, Howard K. Smith, Paul Niven, Martin Agronsky, George Herman, Lesley Stahl, Bob Schieffer, John Dickerson, and Margaret Brennan

112: Record number of appearances

Bob Schieffer reflects on the life of John McCain
  • Number of the most appearances by a single guest on the show, a record held by Former Senator John McCain

1954: Premiere year

1954: Senator Joseph McCarthy appears on inaugural "Face the Nation" episode
  • The year "Face the Nation" premiered with its first guest: Former Senator Joseph McCarthy

8: Longest running show rank

  • "Face the Nation" ranks as the 8th-longest running show in television history
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