Evacuated Family Evacuating Again

The past three weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster for Anne and Percy Williams and their granddaughter, Zaria.

When Trish Regan first met Anne, she had escaped New Orleans with Zaria after Hurricane Katrina and was living with a Houston family. But Anne had no idea where her husband was or if he was still alive.

Nearly a week later, they were finally reunited with the help of The Early Show.

The Williams family began to settle into life in Houston after a local church found them an apartment and furnished it for them. Zaria, 5, started kindergarten and Percy, a bus driver, began looking for work.

Then came the threat of Hurricane Rita and the Williams' faced their second evacuation in less than a month.

"Yeah, one more time. One more time," Percy said, as

their belongings again.

"We never got our head clear from the first storm," Percy says. "Right now, we're just three weeks into the apartment here, and now we've got to root ourselves up and travel down the highway again to run from another one."

Anne says that the thought of another killer storm is scary "because we saw what (a Category) 5 did with Katrina. We saw what she did. It's very scary."

Percy says it feels like déjà vu. "The only difference is we got our feet on dry land. But we're gonna survive because we're all together this time. We're not separated."

And off they went to Dallas, which they've never visited.