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Bush revisits Rubio answer; Presidential candidates post-mortem debate

What the 2016 presidential candidates are saying:

Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio (L) speaks as Donald Trump looks on during the CNBC Republican Presidential Debate, October 28, 2015 at the Coors Event Center at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images

On theWed. Oct. 29 GOP debate:

  • Marco Rubio: "Wasted opportunity"
    • "I thought last night we were going to talk about, 'What are your plans to reduce the debt? What should the role of the Fed be in our economy? What about this major trade deal that we have?'....I thought it was a wasted opportunity, and that's what made it unfair -- not just to the candidates, but to the American people. These are issues I was fired up and ready to talk about. We wasted an opportunity...because we have to answer questions such as some of those that were posed last night, about Ben Carson and some website, whether Donald Trump has moral authority." -- interviewed on "CBS This Morning"
  • Jeb Bush: On whether it was a mistake to criticize Rubio's attendance record
    • "No, it was not a mistake. It is a mistake to run for office and not serve. He can do both. But the simple fact is he is not doing that. A lot of people care about this. A lot of people working part-time, they want to work full-time. A lot of people are frustrated with their jobs all across this country but continue to show up for work -- a lot of people that can't take time off unless they get deduction in their pay. That's the real world. Are we creating a separate alternative universe in Washington, D.C.?" -- interviewed on Fox News
  • Jeb Bush revisits Rubio answer
    • "I've been critical of Hillary Clinton and Obama for sure. But John McCain had a proven record as a senator. He also ran for president. But he got a lot of stuff done while he was a United States senator and still does. Marco, look, he had the worst attendance record prior to being a candidate for president. And he's just made it clear this is not something that's interesting as it once was. The bigger issue isn't his attendance record. It's -- can he solve these problems? Does he have a proven record to fix the big complex things that our country has?" -- on Fox News' "Hannity"
  • Rand Paul: Rubio's Senate attendance
    • "I mean we do get paid to do a job. The taxpayers of Kentucky pay me to represent them. And I try very hard to do that. I've been here 99 percent of the time. It's a lot of work. I think if you're going to hold an office, you ought to represent the people who pay you. And if you're going to accept pay, you ought to show up for work." -- interviewed on CNN
  • Donald Trump: Debate moderators
    • "Well, you would think these --I guarantee you, these moderators are not big Republican voters. And I said if we're having a Republican debate, maybe every moderator should show they vote Republican because why should we have these people who hate everything we stand for?" -- speaking to voters in Reno, Nevada
  • Ben Carson: On getting only about 5 minutes of speaking time
    • "One of the problems with the format is if you butt in, you get more time, and I'm just not a butt-in type of person by nature." -- interviewed on CBSN
  • Lindsey Graham: On whether he's running to be Secretary of Defense
    • "I thought I showed passion, a little bit of humor, but I enjoyed the idea of why I want to be president... I am running to be commander in chief. I don't want to be secretary of anything. I want to earn the sacrifice of those who have been fighting this war. They've had our backs. I will have theirs. Thirty-five trips to Iraq and Afghanistan... No, I'm not running for secretary of anything. " -- interviewed on CBSN
  • Hillary Clinton: "Swing and miss"
    • "You would have been better off watching the World Series because the debate, in my view, was a swing and miss and didn't further the conversation." -- at a forum in Berlin, New Hampshire

CBS News' Jack Turman, Hannah Fraser-Chanpong, Alan He and Donald Judd contributed to this compilation.

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