Earth Day pessimism, gas price plummet?; manatees worries

Pessimism prevails

Earth Day is tomorrow, but few Americans in a new CBS News poll expect the environment to be better for the next generation. That view has lingered for more than a decade in these surveys. In fact, most (57 percent) say it’ll get worse. And only a razor-thin majority opposes lifting environmental regulations.

Eye opener

How does a 50 percent drop in gasoline prices sound? If oil’s latest funk worsens, that’s a possibility, analysts say. It would be great for consumers -- but awful for investors.

Early disparity

By the time women have been in the workplace for five years, they earn an average of nearly 12 percent less than men in the same profession. That suggests the difference in pay starts soon after women graduate from college, experts say. To that end, we look at the biggest gender pay gap from the standpoint of college majors.

Whither stocks?
After taking off on high hopes for President Trump’s pro-growth agenda, stock prices have since reversed course as investors refocused on their own wits and investing fundamentals. We look at what’s driving the most unpredictable market in years. In a nutshell, the stock market is a scary place to be at the moment,  but opportunities may soon beckon.

Worrisome success

The Florida manatee, a state symbol once on the verge of extinction, has made a big comeback, so much so they were recently reclassified from endangered to a threatened species. But many biologists and environmentalists fear the enormous mammals will lose the special protections they need to save them from their number one threat – boaters. Fast boaters repeatedly mow down manatees in the Sunshine state: Propellers gash, gouge and maim hundreds a year. Bigger boats can cut them in half.

Not so promising?

The director and producers of the wartime drama “The Promise” have addressed the hordes of negative online reviews the film’s been getting. The movie, which is about the Armenian genocide in the last days of the Ottoman Empire just before World War I, has met strong opposition from Turkish organizations, and director Terry George and the film’s producers said during a news conference this week they believe the negative online reviews are from genocide deniers.

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