Dropbox: Get 1GB free for trying Mailbox for iOS

Photo courtesy Dropbox

(MoneyWatch) Everyone wants more Dropbox space, right? You can pay for an upgrade, of course, but as a Denny's server recently told Walter White on Breaking Bad, "free is always good." And now you can get 1GB of free space just by experimenting with the iOS app Mailbox.

Not long ago, I told you about Mailbox, one of a spate of alternative email client for the iPhone. Mailbox is a great app to marry mail and gesture control; a simple swipe lets you perform a number of operations like deletion, marking it as "done," and deferring the message until a later time, when it'll reappear in your inbox to claim your attention. The only bummer? Mailbox (at least for now) is Gmail-only.

The news, though, is that you can now send attachments which reside on Dropbox from the Mailbox app. To enable it, just log into Dropbox from the options in Mailbox, and then use the paperclip icon to add attachments at the bottom of message windows.

Just for connecting your Dropbox account to Mailbox, you'll immediately get 1GB of storage added to your account. It's not mentioned on the Mailbox blog, so it's unclear how long this free promotion will run -- grab it now to be safe. And the Mailbox app itself is also free, in case you were wondering.

Photo courtesy Dropbox