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Add a snooze button to defer email

(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY  The worst part of having a cluttered inbox is losing track of emails you need to follow up on. It's easy for a message, including those with an attached action item, to get lost in a sea of messages until you get a ping from someone wondering why you haven't replied.

SaneBox has rolled out a recent update that solves this problem for you. I've previously written about how much I like the way the online service helps keep your email under control. One of SaneBox's cooler tricks is the way it lets you defer dealing with a message by forwarding it to an email address that lets users control when they want to be reminded about it.

Suppose you get an email with an action item that you don't need to think about for a month. Then send it to You could also send it to a specific date, like, or even just later today, as in Whatever you choose, SaneBox will forward the message back to you at the appointed time, where it'll wait for you at the top of your inbox.

Here's where the new feature comes in: SaneBox now lets you sync those mails to your calendar, so you won't just get a mail -- it'll also show up as a reminder in your appointments. That's awesome. Missed emails can now be a thing of the past.

What makes this feature especially cool is that if you happen to deal with the email before the scheduled time, SaneBox will notice that and remove the reminder from your calendar (and stop the email reminder, too).

SaneBox offers a 14-day free trial, but a subscription costs $5/month.

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